Private & Group Lessons and Wellness Sessions at the Great Rhythm Revival

Are you looking for personalized, one-on-one attention?  Most of our instructors offer a limited number of private consultations and /or lessons. You may connect with the instructor of your choice onsite for availability and pricing for individual & group rates. Payment for these sessions may be done with cash or check and be given directly to the instructor.

If you know you are interested in having a session, schedule it the first day to be assured of getting an appointment. Each instructor's schedule only allows for only a few private sessions.

Music, Dance, Art & Writing

Matthew Adams: Private and group consultations, feedback, and guidance for any writing the participants want to develop. 
Private and Group Drumming Lessons

Mike Deaton cowbell and multi-bell techniques and rhythms (bells provided), Middle Eastern frame drumming (drums provided), soloing for the faint of heart, drum circle games, building a drumming community, drumming with intention, drumming with specific populations: classrooms, "at risk" teens, seniors, etc.

Bryan Fazio: Conga Drumming for Everyone
Explore Tumbao and Calypso -two of the most versatile and widely heard hand drumming rhythms on the planet  -a foundation for a lifetime of rhythmic bliss and growth. Bryan has a unique approach for teaching technique and learning to play with feeling that drummers of all levels will appreciate. All sessions tailored to each individual's objectives.


Health & Wellness

Jennifer Guyton

Cellular Expansion and Healing, and Transformational Reiki

Are you stressed, feel ‘stuck’ in a life situation, or simply need to relax? A relaxing energy work session may be able to help to feel relaxed and balanced again. Cellular Expansion and HealingTM is a form of hands-on energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the cellular level. The release of constrictions allows for physical, emotional, and mental healing at the root cause and supports living a life of happiness, aliveness, and overall well-being. Cellular Expansion and Healing can help you to: 

* Facilitate balance and health (mental, emotional or physical).

* Create a project, job, or partnership from an expanded state of connection.

* Explore mind/body connection and how it can impact their lives.

* Move from a feeling of being stuck to aligned purpose.

* Augment your daily life with wellness and with energy.

* Accelerate your spiritual development.

Transformational Reiki

Transformational Reiki is a blending of Japanese and Native American Energies. Using the unique vibrations of this pairing, coupled with the vibrations of the drum, the practitioner opens up a gateway for a more palpable, whole body experience for each client during a Reiki session. 

The combination of the Spiritual energies of the Eastern tradition, and the earth-centered energies of the West, help to facilitate a connection within clients that makes it possible for their awareness of their oneness with the Universe to expand and to manifest in all aspects of their lives.

JENNIFER GUYTON is a certified Cellular Expansion and HealingTM (CE) practitioner, Usui Tibetan Reiki Master, Transformational Reiki Practitioner, and 200-hour Yoga Teacher. She has studied under many local healers and teachers including Deb Schnitta (CE); Bonnie Hassan (Reiki, Transformational Reiki); and Joanne andenHengel (Yoga). She is currently studying massage therapy at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy and anticipates graduating in December 2014. She also holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Science and Management from Duquesne University and currently works as an environmental consultant. As an energy work practitioner, she would like to welcome you to experience the healing and loving energy of Cellular Expansion and HealingTM or Transformational Reiki and to start your journey to health and wellness.

Private and Group Healing Sessions
Harry Pepper Ph.D
Consciousness Healing recognizes the profound opportunity for healing and learning that occurs when an individual enters into a non-ordinary or heightened state of consciousness. In this healing session, (which can be done individually or in a group session) the participant takes the spiritual journey out of the ordinary state of consciousness using a variety of strategies and techniques chosen to address the specific needs of the unique individual. These techniques are utilized, in conjunction with the power of intention, to help the participant access his or her own natural power to heal.  The Consciousness Healing approach has been shown to be particularly helpful in addressing self-defeating habits and negative life patterns and especially helpful for those seeking a way to get ?unstuck? in their lives. The specific strategies and techniques used in a given session may include: visualization strategies, Gestalt techniques, Jungian concepts, Psychodrama, Reality Creation Technology, Voice Dialogue Techniques, energy work, and spiritual journey work.
Maureen Lauer-Gatta: Private Yoga Lessons
I am happy to offer private yoga sessions (small group or individual) half hour or hour longs. Half hour might be great for folks who just want to get their stretch on! Individual instruction is the way yoga was originally taught.