Great Rhythm Revival Registration


Optional Meal Plans at The Great Rhythm Revival

*Optional meal plans are sold separately and are paid for onsite upon arrival at registration.*
Food is a highlight of the Revival experience and something we take *very* seriously. Part of taking impeccable care of ourselves is eating well... and eat well we do. Our menus and food preparation are meticulously planned by our on-site by chefs and volunteer kitchen crew.

During your meals at the Revival, you can expect a beautiful array of delicious and healthy food that uses fresh, local, high-quality, nutrient dense, non-GMO and in-season ingredients as much as possible. There will be food to suit most dietary styles: vegetarian, vegan, omnivore and gluten-free. Many of the vegetable and meat ingredients will be grown here on the land by Green Heron Growers, a NOFA-NY certified organic farm operated by Steve & Julie Rockcastle.

Full weekend meal service for patrons will start with Thursday lunch and end with a Sunday brunch. The cost for all 10 meals is... 

For participants only attending for 1 or 2 days, meals may also be purchased ala carte.

2019 - Patron 4 day/10 meal package $150
2019 - Patron 3 day/8 meal package $120
Ala carte continental breakfast $10 each
Ala carte lunches & dinners $20 each

We prefer you choose the full weekend meal package for the benefit of community cohesiveness and for ease of planning and preparation by the the kitchen crew.

Please note:
There will be food to suit most dietary styles: vegetarian, vegan and omnivore.
Individuals with special diets and food sensitivities are asked to bring along specific items that you may need. 

There is ample refrigeration in our walk-in cooler available for these foods.
Our kitchen is not allergy safe.
Beverage service will include coffee, tea, and water. You can bring anything else you would like. We will not have refrigeration for your beverages.

On your way out of the Revival, you can even stop at the Green Heron Growers store and take some of this great food home with you!


We Grow Much of Our Food Onsite!

Meals at the Great Rhythm Revival are planned months in advance when our vegetables are planted and lovingly grown all summer long. We harvest right before the beginning of the event to ensure the most nutrient dense, tastiest food possible.